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See you at Sea You

Sea You is different, we want one thing: a party at the lake, good music for good people and a place to find refuge in the even diehard escapist. We want to tear you two days out of the everyday life and would prefer for you that you do not had to return. We would like to invite you to a festival that is not constantly calling for its exuberance in front of it, but even goes ahead! Something that you will tell your grandchildren- but you do better wait until their 18th birthday.
A festival that falls in love with all the little details!

We want good music - which does not mean for us to match our booking with the current Beatport charts. We want to offer our guests a balanced and high quality musical program. We want to present you artists who loves "electronic music" and Acts who appreciates and love this music as much as you and us. And - but that should already be clear at this point - we want you!

Sea You!

and this is our festival site!

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