Arrival & Directions


You plan your journey to Tunisee, Freiburg by ...

  • Train or bus:

    If you arrive by train or a coach company, please get off at Freiburg main station....

    Afterwards, you have the opportunity to get to the festival area with our shuttle buses.
    (see below: shuttle buses)

  • Car:
    • General:

      Our festival location is located directly on the A5 motorway (Freiburg-Nord exit). Please follow the signs to your campsites or to the (free) parking slots.

    • Arrival | Getting to the festival area (all guests with Sat. / Sun. day ticket OR festival ticket WITHOUT Camping) AND Camping A by car

      Directions from north and south arriving with a car:
      - A5 autobahn exit “Freiburg-Nord”
      - watch out for festival signage from this point on

      The whole way is provided with signs; our parking area is free of charge.

      Parking costs 10,- € for Camper A (valid for all days Friday 07-12 till Monday 07-15) and 5,- each day for all festival guests on Saturday and Sunday.

    • Arrival | Camping B (Silbersee) and Camping C (Tunisee):

      The car journey to campsites B and C is from the north and south via the A5 motorway, please take the FREIBURG-NORD exit

      From here follow the signs to campsites B + C

  • Plane:

    The nearest airport is Basel / Euro-Airport (BSL).
    Afterwards, use the public transport to Freiburg main station. (Bus & train)

    Other airports nearby:
    Zurich (ZRH), Strasbourg (SXB), Karlsruhe Baden-Baden (FKB), Stuttgart (STR).

Easy arrival from Freiburg main station to
the festival ground and to the campsites A/B/C

  • Shuttle Bus:

    We provide shuttle busses during the whole weekend going from the main station in Freiburg straight to the festival area. After the festival the busses stop at the afterhour location as well. The trip lasts about 20 minutes and costs 5.- € per person and day (round trip).

  • Taxi:

    TAXI Freiburg
    Tel. 0761 55 55 55

    TAXI Freiburg is a joint venture of independent taxi companies (about 30 regional members)

Festival Location:
Tunisee, 79108 Freiburg im Breisgau

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