Citizen Kain

Dj Chris Veron is an artist in passion and a vinyl lover from the old school. Since his young days in the early of the 90s he is closely connected to the electronic music. In 1995 he taught himself the mixing with vinyl in endless sessions in the cellar of his parents...annoying them all the time to let him play. Meanwhile he is playing with CD’s and external effect maschines and be part of Freiburgs and Südbadens most favoured and ambitious DJs and since 7 years he is advanced and become successful with his Klang-Safari serial which he does together with his DJ partner Metric and they still going strong!! Furthermore he performed almost all big events in greater area Baden and also Events in France. Since the begin of his official start in the Club Exodus Parkhaus(R.I.P.) in 2001 his career going continuous and steeply up. Fast he became Resident in Parkhaus and a few times later he was booked also by a lot of external organizers. He become resident in 18 months Club in Freiburg and since 7 years he is now in Drifters Club on the Decks His latest residency is Freiburgs new Location Klangraum,which opened the doors in October 2013,there he played already on the side of some big names like Edu Imbernon,Claptone,HVOB and many more!!

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