Dave Leon is the product of his passion to music. This undoubtedly leads him to the production of his own sounds. Together with his friend and studio colleague Francois Rengè‡re he produces among other sounds a remix of REM's "Loosing my religion", as well as totally individual sound like "deep keys". It combines an excellent feeling for good beats with a perfect technical know- how and its own individual curiosity of experimentation to a fabulous symbiosis of instrumental sounds, warm melodies and driving rhythms.
Since 2006 Dave Leon is the event manager of "Ohrklang Events" and ensures with his crew unforgettable nights with hip acts and local DJs in various clubs in Freiburg. The showpieces among them are the Bar25Events with "Katermukke" in "Schmitz Katze". Headliner of the capital city of Baden, full lodge and best local support speak for themselves.

Dave Leon has committed himself with neck and grop to the electronic dance music and will surely provide us with new sound, fat beats and unique events also in the future.We are looking forward to see it...!

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