ME & her

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: that's the magic alchemy of ME & her summarized in a few words. Two musical sisters who both nurture an unconditional love for dark and spherical infectious melodies and heavy basses.

It's a musical love at first sight that happened between Phuong, a Swiss girl of Vietnamese origin and Jen, a young East German woman. Two fundamentally opposed women, one only swearing by the old school, while the other has been raised in the spectres of Leipzig & Berlin techno, but their fusion instantly works in the ME & her project. Materialized thanks to their first releases in 2014, their chemistry became a reality through their first EP, which confirms the common history of the two artists. Courted by Sankey on Ibiza, Sisyphos in Berlin, ISF Festival and Gate Clubbing in Italy, Lightbox in London, Montreux Jazz Festival or Electron Festival Geneva and finally Carpe Diem Beach in Croatia in company of the biggest artists, the two DJ's are popular and perform worldwide.

Phuong and Jen's success story tells the story of a new DJ generation with obvious talent and runaway success.

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