Sea You tickets available via installment payments. For the first time we offer the festival ticket as well as the festival ticket incl. Camping A to be purchased and paid in three rates. Of course we don’t charge any extra fees for this service. The tickets are offered within the following periods of time:

Rate 1 (which could be a really nice X-Mas gift ;-)): 12-01-16 till 01-15-17
Rate 2: 01-16-17 till 02-28-17
Rate 3: 03-01-17 till 03-31-17

Only the third ticket is valid to enter the festival. Please make sure to have your previous ticket number(s) when you are ready to order the following rate. In case you forget to buy all three tickets within the announced periods of time, you neither will be able to enter the festival nor get a refund.

Festival-Ticket - first rate from three = 25 € (+ com.):

Festival-Ticket inkl. Camping A (Field) - first rate from three = 35 € (+ com.):

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