The decision of the federal government regarding the voucher regulation allows that all festival visitors who have purchased tickets for the Sea You Festival 2020, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, can receive a voucher from us instead of a refund of the money paid.
This means: You can return your tickets and you will receive a voucher code in the amount of the respective ticket price including the advance booking fee. So you can wait and see how the situation will develop in the coming weeks and months and, if necessary, buy a new ticket later.
These voucher codes are valid until December 31st, 2021. If the voucher is not redeemed by the end of 2021, you can have the amount of the voucher refunded by that time.
You have the option to convert your ticket into a voucher until July 20th, 2020. After that, the entitlement to the voucher expires.
The voucher codes will be sent to the customers via email in the mid of June and can be redeemed in early July.
Here is the Federal Government's information regarding the "voucher solution":

  • Voucher benefits & backgrounds

    Advantages of the voucher solution:

    - Voucher in the amount of the respective ticket price including the advance booking fee, valid until December 31st, 2021
    - Support your festival: With the voucher solution you support us in these difficult economic times, you ensure that we receive the necessary financial scope that we need to continue after the coronavirus crisis.
    - More flexibility: You also have the option to buy other products, e.g. you’ve had a festival ticket you can now buy a VIP festival ticket for an extra charge / difference, e.g. you only had a Saturday ticket, but their favorite act occurs on Sunday you can now buy a Sunday ticket, etc.
    - With the voucher you can wait and see how the situation will develop in the next weeks and months and, if necessary, buy a new ticket later.
    - If you do not redeem the vouchers, you can get your money back after December 31st, 2021. To do this, send the unredeemed voucher code together with your bank details / account details to: refund@seayou-festival.de

    The background of the "voucher solution":
    The organizers of festivals, concerts, clubs and other cultural events are affected very hard because they won't be able to generate any sales in the foreseeable future. For many, the total annual turnover is missing but current expenses like rent and lease, costs for storage, saleries, additional costs, pre-financed artists and booking fees, external advice & service providers such as insurance, tax consultants,
    webmasters, expert opinions, official applications, software licenses, websites, server management, advertising costs / marketing costs already spent for 2020, etc. are still to be paid anyway.
    The deputy chairwoman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group said: "Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures. This also applies to the event sector. Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, all cultural events have been canceled - from one day to the next. This affects customers who have been looking forward to an exhibition, a concert or a festival. Organizers and artists hit it really hard. Economical and artistic. Without a reaction from the legislator, the damage would be unforeseeable for
    everyone. Before the new law, every customer had a theoretical claim to reimbursement of the ticket price. Given the mass of reclaims, however, a wave of bankruptcies among the organizers would be expected. And in the end there would only be losers. If the organizers went bankrupt, consumers would go away emptyhanded. The organizers are not to blame for the festival and concert cancellations. They didn’t do anything wrong. It is force majeure. According to the new draft law, cultural organizers can therefore give their customers a voucher for tickets they have already bought. This ensures the liquidity of many cultural organizers and grants "space for economic development and relaxation". It is a "justifiable compromise, because in the end all interests are taken into account" and everyone benefits from a cultural
    landscape that continues to exist.
    After December 31st, 2021, the customer has the right to convert the voucher into cash again. We think and hope that by 2022 everything will have "normalized" again as far as possible.
    We sincerely thank everyone who helps us with this solution to remain liquid and able to act.