These are our first innovations for 2022 and more will follow shortly - stay curious!

  • STAGE 2:

    In 2019 and 2018 we surprised you with a unique, UFO-like tent construction consisting of three Opera tents. In 2022 we will launch something completely new: A huge "Mega Igloo", 60 meters long and 40 meters wide as well an enormous ceiling height. The impressive dome tent could not be admired at any German festival before! Open side walls (aprons) ensure that you have numerous access points to our new techno temple and that the air can always circulate freely.

    Also in the field of sound and lighting technology we will put one on top again, look forward to:
    - Even better sound and even more bass (pressure)
    - Even more complex lighting technology and improved visuals

  • STAGE 3:

    2022 our Stage 3 will also get a completely new sound system!

    better sound
    more bass (pressure)
    better sound on the stage (VIP area)

  • STAGE 4:


    Our Stage 4 (Raumklang Stage presents finest psychedelic progressive music) will be positioned at a new location in 2022 and will also be completely redesigned and further developed.
    An internationally renowned artist collective is flown in from Spain to let the popular Stage 4 shine with a completely new organic "look & feel".

  • STAGE 5:

    Our sea stage will have a completely new design in 2022 and with it the next upgrade. A first little insight is granted to you. But we don't want to reveal more at this point.


    10,000 sqm NEW FESTIVAL AREA!!
    In the coming year, at the Sea You "Beach Republic" 2022, we will offer you a whopping 10,000 square meters of additional new and previously unused festival space! Since we are working with the same number of visitors as in 2019, this means for you in plain language:

    - More room
    - larger distances
    - New ways and new impressions!

    For example, we are also relocating the Raumklang Stage / Stage 4 to the new area (= better distribution of guests), new additional toilet facilities and new additional bar areas will be created. You may be excited!