Special,- Upgrades & Advantages

Every year even more impressive, more eventful, more coherent and more sophisticated.
Our VIP guests can also look forward to some innovations & improvements in 2024!


    - Separate inlet
    (shortened waiting periods)

    Access to our 4 VIP stages*
    4 VIP stages Fri. + Sat. + Sun. (subject to free capacities)

    - Access to all VIP areas behind the stages*
    (Stage 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / cozy atmosphere to celebrate or relax)

    - Exclusive toilette containers
    (no Dixies or Toi-Tois + cleaning staff)

    - Separate VIP bars with an extended range of offers

    and much more - more specials will follow soon!

    (* = access depending on stage capacity utilization)