Raumklang Stage

Our Stage 4 (Raumklang Stage presents finest psychedelic progressive music) is getting a completely new stage design.
As in 2024, an internationally renowned artist collective from Spain will give the popular Stage 4 a completely new organic look and feel.


✨Our Stage 4 sets new standards in 2024 and promises an unforgettable experience.
This year, we are delivering the most elaborate Progressive Music Stage yet:
it will be bigger, wider and longer than ever before!

We are delighted to be able to surprise you with a new stage design. For the first time, it will be equipped with an LED video wall. 💓
💥 We are also offering you more shade and new positioning.

At the same time, our programme is also growing - immerse yourself in a world full of pulsating sounds and intense beats! 🥳

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